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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Visit to Orator Hotel - Part 5

Here are some more photos of the many beautiful plants to be seen at The Orator Hotel at Ululoloa in Samoa. One of the things I really like about how Jerry has laid out his gardens is how it incorporates the various buildings almost as if they are incidental to the plants around them and the way they are all tied together with paths that lead from one area to another letting you discover different plants and combinations of plants as you move from one place to the other.

The biggest problem is when you get to a fork or other junction and then you cannot decide which path to take because you do not want to miss anything. So the only solution is to find a reason to go by different paths or just forget about any need for an excuse and just wander around making sure you get to visit everything.
Don't worry about missing something because you will miss lots but that is an excellent excuse to go back down that path again ... just in case you missed something. It is also an even better excuse to come back again some other day because you never know what flowers might have decided to flower that had not flowered when you were there last.

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