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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Flowers and a bit of history

This is probably a post that should be included in the long planned blog which will cover topics ranging from architecture, history, art and culture but I just had to do it and as it includes some stunning floral offerings I am sure that it falls into the scope of Flora and Fauna - Plants and Critters.
Lily, Lilium of undetermined species

In a place like Brussels like most of Europe it is hard to go anywhere without being aware of the immense sense of history especially if you have a background in history and can make the connection between the various marks it has left behind from historical buildings, statues of historically significant personages and various places named after people, places or events to commemorate them or simply a place with no need to have anything to remind people of what happened there.
Lily, Lilium of undetermined species

These historical reminders are not limited to ancient history as is evidenced by numerous place names related to the two World Wars from Generals and Statesmen like Montgomery and FDR to simple but heroic people like Edith Cavel.
Monument to Winston Churchill at Place Churchill, Uccle

On Avenue Churchill you will find a round about with a statue of Winston Churchill. It is a bit of a lonely place that only really gets people passing through catching or switching trams. Although while I was there to take photos of some of the lilies and other flowers in the garden beds around Place Churchill there was one elderly gentleman who was standing contemplatively in front of the statue.

Lily, Lilium of undetermined species

Statue of Winston Churchill at the Place Churchill in Uccle, Belgium

Lily, Lilium of undetermined species

Lily, Lilium of undetermined species

Lily, Lilium of undetermined species

A Tribute by Duff Cooper

A Tribute

When ears were deaf and tongues were mute
 You told of doom to come
When others fingered on the flute
You thundered on the drum
When armies marched and cities burned
And all you said came true
Those who had mocked your warnings turned
Almost too late to you
Then doubt gave way to grim belief
And through five cruel years
You gave us glory in our grief
And laughter through our tears
When final honours are bestowed
And last accounts are done
Then shall we know how much was owed
By all the world to one

                                 Duff Cooper


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  1. Thanks Vincent for sharing, love the beautiful lilies, the statue of Winston Churchill and the tribute, malo lava...Rosalina Sapolu.

  2. Thanks Rosalina. I'm glad you like my blog.
    Malo tapuai faafetai