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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Visit to Orator Hotel - Part 4

Here are more photos of my photo shoot at The Orator Hotel. Here I have included a combination of large photos encompassing more plants to show the combinations and harmonious way that they have been planted as well as some close ups of some of the more intriguing plants and especially some of the smaller but no less beautiful flowers.

In the bottom righ of the photo above is "Silver Dragon" which could be either Ophiopogon japonicas or Liriope spicata. The first is also known as Mondo Grass, Monkey Grass and Fountain Plant while the second is also known as Lily Turf, Creeping Lily turf and Monkey Grass. Both appear to have a cultivar that goes by the mane of Silver Dragon' and pretty much look very much alike which makes it confusing. They both belong to the Plant Family Asparagaceae (also known as the Asparagus family) and the same sub family Nolinoideae.
However, descriptions of Ophiopogon japonicas refer to it being composed of large stolens with tuberous roots while Liriope spicata is refered to as having  prominent rhizomes and frequent tubers. Yet other descriptions refer to rhizomes and stolons as if they were the same thing which they are not. I planted some of these at Alafua and Malifa so I have an idea of what their root system look like and after comparison with pictures I have managed to track down I think it is most likely  Ophiopogon japonicas.

 Then amongst the plants in the walkway I saw this one with its head of delicate little flowers. I have not come across this plant before but it is a good example of the type of plant that most people would walk past without even noticing to their loss, simply because it has rather small flowers which do not garb your attention straight away.

Lipstick Palm, Cyrtostachys renda and bromelias

 I was also delighted to come across an old mysterious friend which I have but still do not know what it is called. For a while I assumed it was a Heliconia but the leaves resemble those of a Teuila so it cannot be a Heliconia although I am pretty sure that it belongs to the Family Zingiberaceae or at the very least the order Zingiberales.

Stag Horn Fern, Platycerium bifurcatum

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