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Monday, 19 August 2013

The Gardens of the van Buuren Museum - PART 3

The gardens of the van Buuren Museum are rather large and comprise "The Picturesque Garden", "The Labyrinth", and "The Garden of the Heart" all designed by landscape architect Jules Buyssens.
There is also a Rose Garden but for some reason that is not mentioned on the official website. To me there were five distinct areas: "The Picturesque Garden", "The Labyrinth", "The Garden of the Heart", "The Rose Garden" and then a huge expanse of lawn divided into two by more plants, trees and pathways.
The Gardens cover 1.5 hectares. Although from the street you would not have any idea that a huge garden is hidden away. There are lots of large trees around the garden which along with a tall thick hedge screen it from surrounding properties and houses.

It was along the boarder separating the two lawns that I found this plant. I think it is some sort of Thistle but am not 100% sure. In any case it looks like the type of plant most people would consider a weed despite of its incredibly exquisite flowers.

The different Gardens are clearly delineated by boarders of some sort be they simple paths, hedges or as with that between the "The Picturesque Garden" and "The Rose Garden" a four foot retaining wall with stairs leading to "The Rose Garden",  the other entrance to "The Labyrinth", "The Garden of the Heart" and the Lawns beyond.
The stone wall separating this division in itself could be considered a Garden in its own right because it is planted with a number of different plants some which have flowers and other which are equally attractive due to their overall structure.
There were a few people there but I was the only one who actually stopped to examine the small plants on the retaining wall or as I will call it "The Rock Wall Garden."

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