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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Glorious Lilies

I bought one plant about a year ago now. Since then it had new plantels and I divided it transplanted them. Now two are flowering. Sorry I have no idea what they are called.

I have moved since my last post and have done quite a bit of planting since then. I had to move all the plants I had at Fagalii Uta to our house at Alafua.

I had planted some pink Zepheranthes and Flame violets (Episcia) in the ground at the house at Fagalii Uta. I had intended to leave them for the next tenant but then thought that knowing how some people operate they might weed them out so I decided to take them out. Unfortunately on the day that I was going to dig them up the people who look after the property i.e. take care of the grass etc who had been in the process of mowing the grass and trimming the hedges had added a new thing to their activities: spraying the strip around the house with herbicide!

I guess it makes sense as it kills those hard to reach plants against the houses. Unfortunately this included the strip of Zepheranthes I had decided I should remove. I guess my prescience was correct but I did not act in time.

To make it worse there are cats and dogs in the neighbourhood and when my neighbour who has three dogs and a cat complained they ignored her concerns that the pets might get poisoned as well.

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