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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Rain Lilies and kittens

I know that in the the song it is"rain drops on roses" but I have no roses although I do have whiskers on kittens and lots of Rain Lilies (Zepheranthes). The rainy season started and a whole bunch of the Pink Rain Lilies sent up flower buds
and then bloomed.

When this pot flowered I brought it inside and put into a blue ceramic pot for a couple days as well as photograph it.
It was a bright sunny day and at first I thought that I might have problems with the photographs but these actually turned out alright.

The camera kept insisting that I used the flash but I think that these turned out quite nice. I admit I had to do some manoeuvrings with tables and books to get the right angles and keep all the unfinished renovations out of the picture.

Although I planted patches of Pink Rain Lilies in anticipation of spectacular swathes of pink flowers. I also planted little clumps in holes in the front lawn where some clumps of an undesirable species of grass had been dug up from. Some of these sent up a few flowers too. While not a swathe of colour they were still quite eye catching.

The kittens were running around outside having fun after the rain on both occasions and just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

The tortoiseshell is Jasper (formerly Jasmine) while the ginger is Ichigo and the Mackerel Tabby is Dee Dee. Tweedle the other Mackerel Tabby did not feel like being photographed as she was busy climbing a tree.

 They do not even look like they are posing. Talk about professional models.
I should sign them up.

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