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Friday, 2 August 2013

Floral Antwerp - Part 2

Here are some more photos of some plants I photographed in two large concrete planters in Antwerp.
While the big showy flowers tend to gain the most attention, with flowers and many other things, you need to pay attention and look closely or you will miss the small things that are just under your nose waiting to be seen and fill you with wonder and delight.
 Sometimes it is difficult to capture the delicate beauty of small flowers unless you have and are proficient in using the macro function of a camera which I must admit I have been having some problems with due to the auto focus tending to focus on something other than what I want it to focus on which means my refocusing  over and over again before either getting the shot I want or giving up and trying something else as is the case with the flowers of the plant below.

 Other times you find yourself fascinated by unopened flowers simply because of their shape of composition of their parts.

 Latter while visiting another place these rather territorial geese decided that they did not appreciate intruders and had to be chased back with the umbrella that I had brought with me. Until that moment I was annoyed with myself for bringing the umbrella when no rain had been forecast at all for that day. However, it proved quite useful in deterring the geese from moving in for the kill.

View  of the Central Train Station in Antwerp

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