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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Hidden Gardens in the Heart of Brussels Part 1

Tillen Block:

Most people think that living in a city means no Green Spaces but that is not necessarily true for all cities. Brussels for one is an extremely green city. Aside from the numerous parks, tree lined avenues and forests there are also lots of little and not so little gardens hidden away in places where you would least expect to find them.

One of these is Tillens Block which lies in Uccle Valley in the Commune of Uccle. Here (below) you can see how it is laid out on one of the sign posts.

Tillens Block is accessed from two entrances. There is one entrance on ... and the other is reached through a narrow alley which in itself is picturesque.

If did not know what lay beyond you would proabaly assume it was a dead end.

But as you get closer you start to wonder what lies beyond.

Even when you are at the entrance of the Block you still do not really have a good idea as to the size of the place. Remember this is in the centre of a residential area and one side (the right) is actually along a busy main road. But once you have the illusion that you are far from the city.

At both entrances there are these boxes where people walking their dogs can get a paper bag to pick up their dog's Unfortunately from bitter and smelly experience some people still prefer to let their dogs do their business and pretend that it is not their responsability. I'm not going to waste any more space on how much I despise such people. There I was minding my own business trying to take decent photos and thinking myself safe from dog poo that I did not bother to look around before moving and ... let us just say that like the late Queen Victoria I was not amused.

They even have bins for the dog people to throw their brown paper bagged dog parcels away in.
There is even a little sand circle where they can take the dog and wait for it to do its business.
In short there is NO EXCUSE.

This leads into the park like section. On both sides are plots of land being used by residents for growing food.

Here (below) behind the picket fence is one of the larger vegetable garden areas. The things in the tree top are bird nests. The fenced in area where the tree stands is full of garden plots. The "park" part is small as the main purpose of the area is actually for garden plots.

There is a small fenced area in the centre of the park area. I'm not quite sure what it is for as I have never seen anything that looks like it is eddible in it. Well ... edible for humans that is as I have seen lots of little birds feasting on berries while the chatter away happily.

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