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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Floria Brussels, Château de Grand Bigard: PART 7

Floria Brussels, Château de Grand Bigard: PART 7

Here are some more photos from the 2012 Floria Brussels at Chateau Grand Bigard in Belgium.

Above three different types of tulips.

Just another example of the amazing range of colours not to mention the brilliant floral combinations that add to the visual experience.

I have to admit I really loved the massive swathes of mixed flowers.

Here is a close up which shows the mix includes daffodils, tulips and grape hyacinths

The grape hyacinths are so amazing

View of the Chateau or Stately Home. Visit my blog The Blood of Souls for a discussion of some interesting translation issues regarding the French word "Château" and "Donjon".

Another mix with grape hyacinths

And yet another combination. This one with blue grape hyacinths, white hyacinths and mauve tulips.

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