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Sunday, 28 October 2012

China Guizhou Province

In November 2009 I was in China and was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit a few places in Beijing and Guizhou Province. Here are some photographs of some of the places.

Unfortunately I did not keep a photo log and cannot give precise details as to the locations of most of the photographs. The photo above is of a statue that was along aone of the footpaths in huge natural reserve / park in Guizhou Province which has a waterfall  among other sights.

This is a view of a Miao Village in Guizhou Province that we visited.

We stopped briefly at a small park which had ducks and peacocks. When I was a child we visited a park that had peacocks in Brussels and everyone made admiring comments about the peacocks because supposedly they are vain creatures and if you tell them how beautiful they are they will start showing off and dsiplaying their tail feathers.
When I mentioned this everyone started doing that and soon enough the peacocks started strutting their stuff.

In one of the Parks we visited we saw a bunch of ducks congregating just under a small waterfall. I used the zoom to try and see what they were up to. They were acting very suspicious we decided they were having a secret conference close to the waterfall to foil any eavesdroppers.
I suppose that in reality they were just feeding on some shrimps or something.

I have no idea who this is supposed to be but I liked the style and the way the sculpture blended in with the surrounding nature.

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