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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Floria Brussels, Château de Grand Bigrad: PART 4

Floria Brussels, Château de Grand Bigard: PART 4

Here are MORE photos of my visit in April 2012 to Floria Brussels held at Chateau Grand Bigard.

Yes I am working on some other text to go with some of the photos but this post will be mainly photos.

I will post the other stuff latter as I need to do some research and editing first. Just so you know it will include some background information about the various flowers.

Some of the information will be about technical botanical / scientific details like the binomial names of the different flowers, which will probably be boring to some people (who can then just look at the pictures). I am also going to try and fit in some stuff about where the various flowers are native and how they got to Europe.

I might also try and dig up information about growing them although I might stick that at the bottom in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section. Just in case anyone is interested.

I have also been looking up information regarding legends and mythological significance of some flowers as well as other interesting tid bits of information. So I hope I can provide some things that your mind can chew on while your eyes feast on the pictures.
I think that these opened earlier and were getting on a bit although they still looked amazing even as they were starting to disintegrate.

Mix of four different types of tulips.

Note again how they are at different stages of development. Even the unopened flower buds added to the beauty of it all.

More stunning flowers in the next post. Some sublime combinations and ... well ... you will just have to see them to believe. All I can say is I am getting a kick going through them again and rediscovering them all.
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