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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Forest & Uccle Communes in Spring PART 3

A group from the Commune of Uccle had a project where they gave free packs of mixed flower seeds to people in the Commune to plant in the various little plots of ground found along the sidewalks.
Most are the spots where trees are planted but there are some which are bigger and are part of traffic islands etc.
They used various seed mixes using native wild flowers. The types you would normally find growing wild in meadows and fields. The idea was to create a natural self generating flowering plots as they selected plants that would self seed. I guess we will see what happens next year. Some plantings were more successful than others.

The main problem for those that did not succeed has been due to some people chucking their rubbish bags on the spot where the seeds were so they got squished which is what happened to my efforts.

Here is a big area that was seeded and also had a mini picket fence and a big sign as well. I think that the big plots on the traffic islands were planted by the Commune (Town Hall).

They had so many different types of meadow flowers whenever I walked past I would slow down just to admire them.

Another thing that you see around in varrious communes here is baskets of flowers hung up on lamp poles. They stay up through Spring and Summer and come down around Autumn / Fall.

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