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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Floria Brussels, Château de Grand Bigard: PART 3

Floria Brussels, Château de Grand Bigard: PART 3

As promised I am continuing to post photos of my visit to Floria Brussels held at Château de Grand Bigard.


Here (above) you can see two examples of the vast variety of tulips that were on display in April/May. Not only do they have different colours but they also have quite different shapes and petal displays. Unfortunately I did take a note book to record information and details. Otherwise I would be able to provide more information such as the names of the various flowers not to mention the location of the various photos. I have been meaning to keep a proper photo log but so far whenever I take my notebook with me I do not find anything worth photographing and when I forget I end up taking lots of photos. It is a bit like the umbrella thing although in the case of the umbrella I suspect it might actually have magical anti-rain properties because no matter how much it looks like rain once I take my umbrella it will not rain.
You will also notice that especially with the orange tulips there are all at different stages of opening. As I mentioned in my previous posts this was done deliberately to not only provide a longer period in which the flower show can be enjoyed but also facilitates a constant if gradually changing panorama of colours and flowers.

Here are three different types of flowers. The pink is a tulip, the purple a hyacinth

Here is a mixed woodland layout. The photo does not quite capture the beauty of seeing an enormous area just covered in a profusion of flowers.

More examples of the brilliant colour combinations.

Below are two different sized daffodils.

This swathe of mixed flowers was situated just off the base of the Keep and went almost to the water's edge. It is a mix of daffodils and tulips.

At the base of the Keep were distinct patches of tulips of assorted colours.

Additional Facts:

Floralia Brussels is a yearly event held in early April through till early May at the Grand-Bigard from 10AM – 6PM. Note the ticket booth closes at 5PM.

It is a spring flower exhibition held throughout the grounds of Grand-Bigard which comprise of about 1 million bulbs planted by hand in approximately 14 hectares. According to the official website there are 500 varieties including 400 tulip varieties. Among the other bulbs are hyacinths, daffodils and are arranged by Maarten and Pieter Bakker who are descendants of a famous family Dutch bulb producers.

The park is accessible to people with reduced mobility and dogs are allowed on a leash but owners are expected to pick up after their charges.

There is a cafeteria that sells sandwiches, salads, cold dishes as well as a daily special dish or from the menu.
Reservation is necessary for groups.

Entrance Fees are:
Adults - 10 €
Children  (6-14 years) - 5 €
Children less than 6 - 0 €
Groups more than  20 people 9 € (per person)
Passe-Partout - 15 €

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