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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Flowers by the Pond in Fort Royal Gardens

It pays to revisit gardens like the Fort Royal Gardens because any gardener worth his or her salt will take advantage of different growing and flowering periods. As some flowers fade and die down or go dormant others come to life and strut their stuff.

In this case the Daffodils were still around when the Muscari popped up to compliment the Daffodils' brilliant yellows with their bluest of blues and dazzle everyone.
Muscari and Daffodils

I went around the other side of the pond just in case anything interesting had come up and sure enough I found these 
 At first I thought they might be Muscari but on closer examination I realised that they had to be some other plant.

Then there were these Pale Yellow Primroses with bright yellow centres and some blue flowers which in other shots my camera rendered lavender.

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