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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Cherry Blossoms in the Fort Royal Gardens

There is at least one Cherry tree in the Fort Royal Gardens. Well it is more like a couple of tall trees with masses of small pink flowers not far from the rear exit of the Fort Royal Gardens.

If you are walking along the path heading from the rear exit towards the pond you will see them on the left hand side. they are pretty hard to miss as you can see. Unfortunately, on the day I took these photos although it was a sunny day the blue skies were in the wrong place so all I have is delicate pink with rose hearts on white skies. Hopefully the next time I go through they will still be blooming and I will have clear blue skies to have as a background because that is stunning as I can tell having seen it when I did not have a camera on me.

The other one is a small tree with mid sized size flowers hidden behind some pines that provide a screen between the path that runs behind the pond and the pond itself.
 In the photo above you can see how sunny it was from how bright the walls of Fort Royal House is. Actually, I must admit I am not sure if these trees are Cherry trees or not but the flowers resemble cherry blossoms to me. So if I am wrong please let me know what they are.

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