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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Magnolias and Martenista dolls from Bulgaria

I was waiting for nice blue skies to coincide with when I had a bit of time to quickly go and take some more photos in the Fort Royal Gardens because I wanted to get some photos of the Cherry and Magnolia blossoms as well as the changing flora. The hard thing was finding the time since despite what people may say and think you do get to see a lot of blue skies in England. Maybe I  just notice it more than those who only notice grey skies when they are there.
Anyway here are some photos of the two Magnolia trees located in the little cul-de-sac near the rear exit of the Gardens along with some other flowers.

Magnolia Blossom that has lost all its leaves in foreground

As you can see I probably was lucky as the flowers are beginning to lose their petals which made for some interesting photo opportunities also.

I am still not sure if the smaller tree is indeed a Magnolia or not.

Some one had hung two tiny dolls on this tree. I was not sure of the symbolism but assumed it was some Japanese tradition because I had seen two Japanese girls leaving there as I arrived. In fact I only noticed it because two guys who were already there (also taking pictures along with this other lady) noticed the dolls which were hanging from the lower branches.
I looked it up and it turns out they are most likely Pizho and Penda a pair of Martenitsa dolls, which are from a Bulgarian traditional holiday Baba Marta. I'll write more in another post with a close up of the dolls.
You can go to that post by licking on the link: Baba Marta Martenitsa Dolls appear in Bristol

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