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Monday, 31 March 2014

Fort Royal Gardens Magnolias: Part 1

There are three trees in the Fort Royal gardens that I think are Magnolias. Two which I know are Magnolias and one that I am not sure of.

Fort Royal house

Path leading from Fort Royal House down into the Gardens

As you come down the path to the left is a small glade like space with the first two Magnolia Trees

Here you can see the rear exit from the Gardens. If you take the main path going right you will go towards the Pond with the Daffodils on the hill and fields of crocuses. Just to the right of this four corners is the other mass of crocuses that you can see in some of the earlier posts. They are all gone now although some daffodils have come up.

If you turn left and take the small gravel path you will find your self in a small enclosure with a grass area, sculptures and a bench as well as two magnificent trees.
The first tree you come to was the first one to start blooming.

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