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Friday, 7 March 2014

Flowers by the Physics Building: Part 3

Here are some more pictures of the flowers by the Physics Building at the University of Bristol.

The crocuses are a mixture of brilliant yellows, pure whites, lavenders, purples and pale blues. And then there were a scattering of these astoundingly delightful ones which I am not sure are crocuses or not. I was actually trying to get a decent Macro photo showing the stamen inside but could not quite manage it. My camera vetoed my selection and decided that showing the  stippling on the leaves was more interesting.
The zoom is automatic and I have noticed that so sometimes it takes me several tries before the camera zooms on what I want it to zoom on. For some reason it sometimes decides I am focusing on something else often giving me a tantalizing macro view of what I actually do want it to focus on before settling on some other focal point. I am saving up for a proper camera with detachable lenses that require manual adjustment since this will not only give me greater range but give me greater control. But ... well for now I still need to learn a lot more on how to use the functions that I do have.


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