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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Random Flowers and Critters

Random Flowers and Critters

I'm still working on the text for some other posts but need to do some research and editing before I post them. In the meantime here are some photos I took recently. They are all from Alafua.

This is a Philippine Orchid, Philippine Ground Orchid, or Large Purple Orchid (Spathoglottis plicata) I planted some at Alafua in 2011 and they survived and have actually propagated so I am thinking of digging them up and dividing them so I can plant them again and extend the bed they are in. I just looked it up to get the binomial / scientific name and was surprised to discover that it is listed as vulnerable" in Australia!

It has been raining often and alot lately which is normal since it is still the rainy season here.
The funny thing is I did not notice that I had captured the raindrop on the end of the blade of grass until later.

Jasime flowers. I am not sure what this variety is called though.

One of the red Flame Violets that I have been propagating is flowering. They have an intense scarlet with yellow throats speckled with red. I tried to get a Macro of that but have not succeeded yet. The Burgandy leaved ones with Pink flowers have yet to flower since I rescued them but they are recovering well and should flower soon. All they need is some TLC and protection from maraduing chickens and dogs. Both who dug them up where I had planted them.

Some of my enemies. I have no idea who they belong to but they spend most of their time on our land and sleep up in the Mango Tree or the Rambutans. I want to get some of my own but keep them in a large enclosure so they stay away from the plants that are most likely to be damaged while they scratch around in the dirt.

Here is one the guys who has been very helpful pollinating the Zepheranthes. They have been going crazy on this hedge plant. Sorry I do not know the name of the plant. I will be putting it up as a Mystery Plant latter on.

I am not sure what these are. I assume they are Butterflies rather than moths because I only see them during they day. Some have yellow specks on their wings. They look rather hillarious because they are so excited although they do stay long enough on each plant for me to get some good Macros of them. But on their way to different flowers they flutter around frantically trying to decide which one they will grace with their presence.
Thank you Little Butterflies you are doing and excellent job.


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