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Friday, 18 January 2013

French Formal Gardens of the Abbey de La Cambre Part 1

French Formal Gardens of the Abbey de La Cambre  Part 1

Around spring time in July 2012 I went down to Avenue Louise because I wanted to take some photos of some statues that I have been meaning to photograph for a while. In particular this big composition at the entrance of the Cambre Forest of two men on horses.
But serendipity waylaid me on my way because as I was walking along one tree lined sidewalk looking for interesting and beautiful things (plants, flowers, buildings anything basically that caught my roving eyes). I came across some floral gems which I included in my earlier post "Flowers and trees on Avenue Louise" and literally stumbled across the French Formal Gardens of the Abbey de la Cambre by accident.

Wanting to get closer I suddenly realised that there was a park or something right there ... beckoning for me to explore.

In the meantime here are photos of my visit to the Abbey de la Cambre with some tid bits of information.


Flowers in beds of mixed flowers on centre strip of Avenue Louise in Brussels- Close to entrance of the Forest of La Cambre (Dutch: Ter Kamerenboos , French: Bois de la Cambre which is an urban public park on the edge of the Sonian Forest in Brussels.


 French Formal Gardens of the Abbey of La Cambre  (French: Abbaye de La Cambre, Dutch: Abdij Ter Kameren) is a former Cistercian abbey in Ixellels, Brussels located in the Maelbeek valley between the the Forest of La Cambre and the Ixelles Ponds. It was founded in 1196 although the current buildings date from the 18th century.




Some examples of the bosquets in the Abbey of La Cambre ‘s French formal garden. A bosquet is a formal plantation of trees planted in strict regularity as to rank and file. They are traditionally paves with gravel










The Sonian Forest (Dutch: Zoniënwoud,French: Forêt de Soignes) is a 4,421-hectare (10,920-acre) forest that lies across the south-eastern part ofBrussels, Belgium

Pleaching is a technique to weave the branches of trees into a hedge.

Additional details:

I will be posting the photos of the statues on another blog along with photos of historic buildings and other architecturally beautiful or interesting buildings on my other blog devoted to Architecture, Art, Sculptures, Statues, history and culture.

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