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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Random Photos of Flowers, Kittens and Birds

Random Photos of Flowers, Kittens and Birds

Sorry everyone this post with just be one with random pictures of Flowers, Kittens and Birds.
I will include some details as to what they are and where they were taken but that is it. For once it looks like I am able to upload photos on Blogger in while Samoa so I will try and upload some on to the other posts I have been writing for publication latter.
A Pink Rain Lily (a.k.a Magic Lily) Zepheranthes robusta after rain
A White Rain Lily (a.k.a Magic Lily) Zepheranthes grandiflora after rain

A Samoan Triller (Mikivao)
A Honey Bee on the petal of a Pink Orchid Tree

White Rain Lily

Caspar Livingstone a.k.a. Stoney / The Silent One ... was lurking amongst the Purple Ground Orchids while I was trying to take some photos and made his presence known.

So ofcourse Pebble a.k.a. The CRAZY One also decided he just HAD to be in a picture too.

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