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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Nine-Dragon Juniper in the Beijing Temple of Heaven

Nine-Dragon Juniper in the Beijing Temple of Heaven

While in China we had the good fortune to be able to visit a number of historical sites. While visiting the Temple of Heaven we saw the Nine-Dragon Juniper and other ancient trees.

These ancient trees might not be as old as some other ancient trees found around the world but as with the trees found through out the varrious historical sites such as the Forbidden City and Summer Palace it brings things a bit into prespective knowing that these trees were alive during some momentous historical events.

It is little wonder that many ancient civilizations revered trees especially ancient trees.

The Nine-Dragon Juniper has a fence around it.

There are a number of well known ancient trees around the world which I would like to visit. Hoepfully sometime soon I will be able to post some pictures of them here as well as any information that relates to them.

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