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Monday, 4 February 2013

French Formal Gardens of the Abbey de La Cambre Part 2

French Formal Gardens of the Abbey de La Cambre Part 2

Entering the Abbey grounds from the main road.

Vista of Abbey grounds decending stairs from main road entrance

I think the pond is actually a fountain but it was not on that day. This is the centre of what I think of as the Upper Terrace.

View of the Church and some Abbey buildings from the upper terrace. There were actually quite a few people enjoying the sun on the Upper and lower terraces but I managed to frame the shots in a way that discretely excluded them. That was in part to preserve their privacy as well as for aesthetic reasons. I mean ... I was there to take pictures of the plants and buildings not of people. I suppose if they had been dressed in clothing of an appropriate period (Medieval, 18th Century or even Late 19th Century or early 20th Century) I would have photographed them after asking them of course.

In this instance I made it obvious that I did NOT want them in the photo by waiting for people walking around to move out of the way. A few people noticed and kind of hurried up or smiled sheepishly to which I responded by thanking them or smiling back.

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