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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Visit to Vanya Taulealo's Art Gallery and Garden Part 2

Here are some more photos of my visit to Vanya Taulealo's Art Gallery during which she also showed me around her beautiful garden. The Art Gallery visit will be covered in another blog. I will include the link once that is up.
In the meantime enjoy the flowers. Here is a link to Vanya's Art Gallery website.

Cryptanthus Zonatus “zebrinus”

Cryptanthus Zonatus “zebrinus”

Above you can see coconuts husks used as mulch which is an excellent way to keep weeds down as well as keep the soil moist.

Rollinia deliciosa

Rollinia deliciosa

Rollinia deliciosa

Rollinia deliciosa

Thatch screwpine (Pandanus tectorius)
I am not 100% sure if the species is Pandanus tectorius. At first I thought it was Pandanus utilis but when checking it I noticed that the leaves of P. utilis do not have the serrated / tooth-edged leaves.

Thatch screwpine (Pandanus tectorius)
There are three species of Pandanus that I have seen in Samoa two green ones, one with tooth edged leaves , the other with smooth leaves. The third is a variegated one that has predominantly white leaves.

Additional Information:

Binomial Name: Cryptanthus Zonatus “zebrinus”
Taxonomy: Phylum: Angiosperms – Class: Monocots – Order: Poales – Family: Bromeliaceae –Subfamily:  Bromelioideae – Genus: Cryptanthus – Species: C.  Zonatus – Cultivar: Cryptanthus Zonatus “zebrinus”
Common names: Earth Star (English)
Etymology: From the Greek “cryptos” = hidden and the Greek “anthos” = flower


Heitz, Halina, Guide pratique des plantes d'intérieur, Sélection du reader's Digest, Bruxelles, 1992, p.158. 

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