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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Mystery Plant with Pure White Flowers

I got this plant along with a plant I bought several months ago. That is it was growing in the same planting bag as the plant I bought. Although I actually bought that other plant primarily in order to get this plant as the nursery did not have any of these and they were pretty much ... how can I put it ... strays that had found their way into the nursery and were growing here and there sometimes in planting bags of plants for sale and sometimes around the area where the plants were that had accumulated enough soil for them to grow.

The owner laughed when she realised I'd bought the other plant because I wanted this one. Unfortunately she had no idea what it was called although she agreed that its flowers were quite divine. Ok she did not use the word "divine" but ... we agreed that the were very VERY nice.
I found it interesting that the whole flower is pure white even the stamen which you can only see clearly in the photos taken at certain angles.
 After flowering it produces a big seed pod which when opened has hundreds of miniscule black grain like seeds. To date I have not successfully managed to get any seedlings out of numerous seed pods that I ended up just leaving to mature, open and self seed.
 If anyone is able to identify it please let me know. As with all the other mystery plants I will repost  it with the name(s) of the people who have identified it unless specifically asked not to publish the names.

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