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Friday, 23 May 2014

Royal Greenhouses Laken: # 2 of 5 - 2014

As you walk out of the greenhouse in the first segment of the tour for the Royal Greenhouses at Laken you will see the maze with the well trimmed hedges. Although as I have already indicated in the previous post it is more of a French Formal Garden than a real maze. Although as you can see part of it consists of tunnels of vegetation.

Unfortunately this part is roped off and not part of the tour and I could not get close enough to see what type of plant it was but It appears to be either some sort of shrub that is planted in rows then trained on trellises that form the box shaped tunnels. I think that maybe part of the reason why it is not part of the tour is twofold. First people would enjoy wandering around through the tunnels of leaves and two ... they want people moving in one direction to ensure that the line keeps moving.
Well that is my assessment.

So you get out of the first part of the greenhouses, taking a right where you will see the rest of the Palace of Laken which as you will see is actually connected to the Greenhouse complex.

The empty Greenhouse section out of which you come out off

View of the Main Rotunda. The urn in the centre is the one you see as you come out of the first greenhouse section. The hedges you see surrounding that are all hollow.

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