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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Hidden Gardens in the Heart of Brussels Part 2

Tillens Block Part 2

I visited Tillens Block several times throughout the year and during one visit in Spring I was in time to photograph some of the trees flowering.

I am not 100% sure but I think they are Cherry Blossoms


Tucked away in a corner behind a small picket fence are some Beehives. Apparently there are numerous locations throughout the city where people keep bees. While it may seem strange to keep bees in the heart of a big city once you realise that Brussles is in fact quite a green city with great pockets of green spaces not to mention all the gardens and flowers all over the place and the huges tracts of forest the popularity of apiculture is not surprising.

Again for a city Brussels has an abundance of birds. Most people will probably notice the huge crows especially in winter as well as the ever present pigeons. But there are lots more to see and hear if you take the time to extend your awareness. It is quite normal to see nests in the trees lining the streets and some places you can hear them singing. On several occassions at night along one street I have heard what can only have been a nightingale or some other night song bird. It had an increadibly pure voice that sounded even more liquid and magical in the moonlight.

These little cheeky guys were busy flitting back and forth chattering away in Tillens Square. They seemed to enjoy teasing me while I tried to photograph them. They would wait until I had just about gotten them in focus and then they would all fly away to came back not too far away and wait again. Finally I managed to get a few decent shots of them.

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