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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Flowers in the City Heart

Flowers in the City Heart

As I have said before; if you keep your eyes open and are aware of your surroundings you will be surprised at how much greenery and flowers you will find in the oddest places.

Sometimes this means looking UP as people are fond of potted plants which they put out on their balconies or window ledges.

This was on the main road in Central Brussels between Debroucker and the Bourse. I just happened to look up as I was actually strolling along looking for examples of various styles of facades to photographs. Mostly they were Art Nouveau but then I spotted these flower pots with the amazing trumpet flowers.


Using the zoom I was able to get an even better appreciation of them. I wonder how many people walked past these beauties on that busy street without even noticing the stunning display several meters above their heads.

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