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Friday, 23 November 2012

Forest and Uccle in Spring PART 4

Forest and Uccle in Spring PART 4

This is a continuation of Forest and Uccle Communes in Spring. These are some photos I took in July of some of the Traffic Islands on Chausse d'Alsemberg and Avenue Des Sept Bonniers.


As I mentioned in previous posts these were the result of a project by an association who wished to encourage people living in the neighbourhood to participate in the growing of flowers in the various areas such as traffic islands, squares where trees were growing and other places.
 As you can see the project was very successful. Hopefully it continues. But then since they used selfseeding prairie flowers I think that it should.

Below you can see one of the trees that a resident planted flowers in. I am not sure what kind they are but they grow quite tall as you can see. I have seen yellow ones also. These were not part of the beautification project and were bought and planted by the individual who probably lives there. Not everyone needs an incentive to plant flowers to make their neighbourhood look nice. In fact if you have been reading my blog you will probably have noticed that.

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