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Friday, 1 August 2014

Antwerp Botanical Garden. Assorted flowers.

Here are some more photos of some of the plants that I came across in the Antwerp Botanical Garden. And yes there were quite a few bees buzzing about especially amongst the flowers of the Asteraceae family, such as this Echinacea.

These were in the garden area accessed through the other entrance which connects to what I consider the main area of the garden via a small passage through a dividing wall. Here they had a couple big signs posted but none of the plants were actually labelled. I was quite surprised to note how many varieties and species of Echinacea existed. 
 Later on while on my way back to the train station I got a wee bit lost and as always when that happens, serendipity struck and I came across a square with an astounding number of these. Don't worry THAT is for another post.

  • I am using the taxonomical classification system used by ITIS (Intergrated Taxonomic Information System). I have decided to use this system in order to avoid confusion as well as because it offers a comprehensive hierarchy from kingdom right through to subspecies whereas other sources only go as far as order or  provide the names of some of the higher taxonomical ranks but only indicate "unclassified" rather than providing the rank.
  • When and where possible I will endeavour to include alternatives classifications although  I may limit this to occasions where an opportunity arises to discuss the reason for the different classifications.
  • Taxonomical data used in this post was retrieved [June 15 2014], from the Integrated Taxonomic Information System on-line database,

Leopoldstraat 24, B-2000 Antwerpen

How to Get There:

Train:To Antwerp Central then walk along the main shopping street De Keyserlei which becomes Leysstraat after it intersects Frankrijklei and eventually becomes Meir after intersecting Otto Veniusstraat and Jezusstraat. It sounds confusing but basically Otto Veniusstraat should be on your left and Jezusstraat on your right as you enter Meir.
Then you just continue till the end of Meir where it connects with Huideverettersstraat. You turn left and go down Huideverettersstraat until it intersects Schuttersofsstraat. You should continue down the left hand fork which Komedieplaats and becomes Leopoldstraat after it intersects with Arenbergstraat. The Botanic Garden should be on your right hand side.

An alternative route is via the right hand fork after Huideverettersstraat which is Lange Gasthuisstraat. The Entrance to the Botanical Garden will be on your left but it is not very obvious. I only found it by accident and after going through discovered the Leopoldstraat entrance from which you can easily see the botanical garden as you walk past.

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