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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Mystery Plant: Blue flowers up at Tiavi

Mystery Plant 4

Unkown flower of plant found growing at Tiavi

On the day I visited the Vailima Botanical Garden I drove further up to Tiavi as I wanted to take some photos of the Hedychiums that grows there to add to a post that covers just that. But then in the vicinity of the Hedychiums I saw this plant growing in the tall grass that lined one side of the road and had to stop to take some photos. As I did not want to get all itchy from the grass I resorted to the zoom to take some close ups although I am debating going back to take some better photos.

If you are driving on the Cross Island Road you can find this shrub with its delightfully elegant flowers on the right hand side just before you get to the steep hill after which you will find the viewing station for the Papapapaitai Falls.
View of Cross Island Road at Tiavi leading towards Papapapaitai Fall
Above is close to where I turned off the Cross Island Road to photograph the shrub with lavender flowers. Below is the view on the left hand side where I parked on the verge. There is enough space to park so you can pretty much get the car off the road.

Above is the right hand side view across from where I parked the car. Just to the right of the two beautiful ferns which are the actual object of the photo, you can see some of the lavender flowers of the mystery shrub.

Driving a bit further down the road and then (below) just as you start going down the steep section.

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