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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Chateau Grand Bigrad a splendid visual feast

This post is includes more previosuly unpublished photos of my visit to Grand Bigard in 2012. Since I was unable to be there this year I thought that I might as well share more of the many photos I took. Please forgive me if I include any that have already been published in a previous post.
In this post I have selected photos to illustrate some of the mixed groupings of flowers and colours. If ever you are in Belgium during the period in which this is held for four weeks in early April till early May the annual flower show at Chateau Grand Bigrad is a definate MUST see.
I also strongly recommend getting the multiple entry pass as there is no way  you can see everything in one day unless you rush around and believe me their astinishing spectacle of floral colours and forms is not something you can or should want to rush through.


Additional Information

For more information and pictures either click on the lable "Chateau  Grand Bigard" or this link to my first post on that visit. You can also visit the Grand Bigard official site for information as to the annual event.

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  1. Beautiful flowers in Belgium, love the different ones with different colors.