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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Resuming posts and updating lexicons and glossaries

Well now that exams are over. I will be trying to fit in some time to do some work on "Flora and Fauna - Plants and Critters." This will include:
  • Completing some of the posts I had been working on but put on hold. This includes:
    • Doing the research for the write up on a plant (or fungus, animal, virus, bacteria) or issue
    • Choosing the photos or taking the necessary photos, cropping/resizing the photos and uploading them
    • Verifying any information I use such as botanical, phytochemical and ethnobotanical information as well as medicinal uses both scientifically proven and otherwise. This includes providing sources / reference and hyperlinks where possible.
    • Adding all the captions to all the photos
    • Looking up, verifying and adding the scientific / binomial names and common /vernacular names in English and other languages (where I am able to find them)
    • Including all the relevant tags 
    • Add relevant internal links either to other posts within the blog or to my other blogs where I have covered a plant or topic from a different perspective. For example I have a couple cross posts in The Blood of Souls where I discuss some translation issues regarding the cicada and its song. I also have an almost completed post speculating on the etymology of a plants name which I think is particularly interesting that will be tied to a post on the plant itself which still needs a lot of work and verifying of information since it includes medical and phytochemical information which I want to check in detail as well as run by some people who should have the expertise to be able to tell me if I have presented the information correctly.
    • YES - I do put a lot of effort in trying to make sure that the information that I post is correct and if I find or am told that I have made an error I make the correction as quickly as possible and acknowledge the error and the person who pointed (out with thanks). I also endeavor to acknowledge those who have helped identify a plant (fungus, animal etc) or provided information or assistance.
    • Publishing completed posts
  • Going over published posts;
    •  Checking for typos and other errors
    • Reformatting them so that they are all uniform (especially the layout / presentation of botanical and other information)
    •  Checking the tags
    • Adding links and additional data
    • Adding common vernacular names in other languages
  • Adding to my Glossaries:
    • Glossary of Botanical and Horticultural terms
    • Glossary of Medical and Scientific terms
    • Which I think may be more logical to just merge into one glossary
  • Adding to the Lexicons
    • Lexicon of Scientific/Binomial Names -  Common/Vernacular Names
    • Lexicon of  Common/Vernacular Names - Scientific/Binomial Name
    • The second which I need to think about ab bit more on how to incorporate multiple language entries i.e. all in one or have a separate one for each.
  • Adding to the "Useful Links" which includes not only the hyperlinks to useful sites but also includes:
    •  A description of what kind of website it is
    • A brief overview of the type of information to be found i.e. what sorts of resources it has
    • Any other useful information about the website
  • Updating the Index
  • Visiting some more botanical gardens and places to get more photos of plants and critter. Hopefully I will finally be able to get around to contacting an apiculturist so I can get some decent Bee photos and beehive photos so I can do my long planned Bee posts.
  • I will also be looking into the possibility of providing higher resolution photos for those who want to look at them because at the moment I have sought to increase accessibility of my blog by catering to viewers who may not have access to high speed internet and may also be restricted to a monthly megabytes cap. So I will be looking into ways to accommodate both types of users. I have seen other webpages offer two types of resolution. Of course that will take a while to set up as I will then need to go back and hunt through my archives for the original high resolution files.
I also hope to be able to do some more work on some of my other blogs especially "The Blood of Souls", my blog on Etymology, language and translation issues.

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