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Friday, 30 January 2015

Back on line ... sort off & a heads up on some upcoming posts and blog developments

Sorry for the 3 month hiatus due to internet accessibility.

I'm working on getting some posts up to make up for the long period of nothingness.

Some Upcoming posts

among the upcoming posts are:

More carnivorous plants including  Sarracenia psittacina and  Drosera capenis.

Some strange relatives Theobroma cacao and Hibiscus.

I also will be posting new Intriguing Plants post: Hogweed (Heracleum sphondylium) which will include a crossposting to one of my other blogs The Blood of Souls which will be about the etymology of the scientific name (since that blog is about Etymology, language and translation issues).
I also identified two Mystery Plants I posted a while back;
14 June 2013 Mystery Plant with delicate leaf structure and vivid crimson flowers and Friday 23rd 2013 - Mystery Plant - Strange white flower with stranger seed heads.
And I still have the butterfly house visit to post.

Additional developments to glossaries and lexicons

I will also continue to update the reference pages which have been getting a wee bit of interest, which will probably pick up once they start getting more data in them. At the moment it is a combination of putting in data relevant to existing posts while making sure that all relevant data in new posts is included in the Glossaries and Lexicons.

Plants: Scientific/ Binomial Names - Vernacular/Common name

Plants: Vernacular/Common names - Scientific/ Binomial Names 

Glossary of Botanical and Horticultural Terms

Glossary of Medical and Scientific Terms

Useful links

I will building on the "Useful Links" page which will also include a brief description on each site. i.e. who it belongs to and what information you can find on it. Most of them are Government or quasi government agency sites as well as Academic sites including Botanical Gardens or University sites. However, there are also some Non Governmental Organisations and societies usually organised by people interested in a specific type of plant or animal etc. And then there are the sites/blogs by extraordinary ordinary individuals with a passion for the natural world and chock full of information.
By providing a mini review I hope to enable people to be able to look at these and then know where to go if they want additional information.
Oh and I'm also going to be working in more references both the on-line and off line sources which means I'll probably have to set up a Bibliography ... although if I include a description/review of each book as well then it would be more like a literature review of sorts.

 Roof top garden

I've also started a mini rooftop garden. Well it is more like I have planted a bunch of bulbs and seeds some of which include vegetables which may end up being popped outside onto the rather large area of flat roof outside my window. So I thought it might be cool to do a series of posts on that to show how things evolve.

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