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Friday, 21 February 2014

The Garden at Cantock's Close: Part 3

Here are some more photos of the Garden at Cantock's Close at the University of Bristol.
Flower of unidentified plant - possibly of the Family Apiaceae

I think that the plant (flower above) belongs to the Family Apiaceae (or Umbelliferae) which is commonly known as the the carrot or parsley family. The reason I sat that is because the foliage and flower structure resemble that of Dacus carota (Carrot) and other members of Apiaceae. But I'm not entirely certain yet.

View of the rock garden at Cantock's Close

Echinaceae purpurea and unidentified plant

Unidentified plant

 Above is the plant with the dense clusters of yellow flowers which I suspect belongs to Apiaceae. Note the leaves structure.

Echinops rito or E. ritro subsp. Ruthenicus - Globe thistle
Echinops is a genus that belongs to the Tribe Cynareae which is part of Family Asteraceae. I am not sure if these are Echinops rito or Echinops ritro subspecies Ruthenicus or even another species in the genus. However, since both of these have been awarded the Royal Horticultural Society accolade of Garden merit, I think that it is highly likely that that would make them the most likely candidates.

'Veitch's Blue'

 Incidentally both Family Asteraceae and Family Apiaceae belong to the Order Asterales.

Asterids – Order Asterales – Family Asteraceae – Tribe Cynareae – Genus: Echinops – Species: E. rito (Ruthenian globe thistle), E. sphaerocephalus (Great globe thistle or Plae globe thistle), E. ritro and subspecies E. ritro subsp. Ruthenicus 

Asterids – Order Asterales – Family Asteraceae – Subfamily: Asteroideae – Tribe: Heliantheae – Genus: Echinaceae – Species: E. purpurea

Asterids – Order: Apiales – Family: Apiaceae:  – Genus: Dacus – Species: D. carota (carrot) 

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