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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Chateau Grand Bigard revisted - Part 1

Chateau Grand Bigard revisted - Part 1

I noticed that the posts of the Floriad at Chateau Grand Bigard are among the most popular posts so since I am in Samoa and was unable to visit this years Floriad at Chateau Grand Bigard I have decided to post some of the many photos I took last year and never published.

Grand Bigard Keep (fortified tower) on left and one of the towers of Fortified Gate House on right

As you come through the Gate House and enter the ground, if you turn left you see this.
As you get closer you will see that on the inside perimeter of the low hedge boardering the lawns are beds of flowers.
The flowers have lables but unfortunately I did not take a pen and notebook to record any of the information on. I wish I had as I am sure there are people who would like to know the names of the flowers.

Fritillaria Imperialis
These are Fritillaria Imperialis they look quite stunning especially when they have them growing in beds or contrasting or complimentary coloured tulips or other flowers.

The flower arrangments were brilliant. They had various combinations. Some were beds of a single type of flower and colour, then there were mixed beds of two types of flowers or the same type but different colours, or as in the case above a majority of one type and one or two 'strays' to startle the eye. They also had mixed patches that looked like what one might expect in a forest glade where a multitude of species would just grow together in an explosion of colour.
But every bed was meticulously planned and planted according to a plan that is changed each year.

View of Gate Tower from entrance of bridge

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